WA: Old Perth Boys School Archaeological Open Day

Event Details

Archaeological and Heritage Management Solutions will be having a 2 day open house at the Old Perth Boys School, 139 St Georges Terrace. Archaeologists will be cleaning and displaying artefacts from the excavations that took place at this site in 2012. Archaeologists will be ‘on site’ between 10am and 4pm.

Constructed in 1854, the Perth Boys’ School was the first purpose-built public school in Perth. Designed by Richard Roach Jewell in the Gothic Revival style, it was extended in the 1860s and remained in use as an education facility for over 130 years. The property is vested in the National Trust of Australia (WA) and is a significant listed heritage building.


 The City Square development adjoins the rear of Old Perth Boys’ School and, as a result of the major construction works, the floorboards at Old Perth Boys’ School had to be removed in order to install underpinning to stabilise the building. Due to potential damage to archaeology that would have resulted from the underpinning, the underfloor deposit was excavated in the northern transept in March and October/November 2011 by AHMS. There was a surface layer of artefacts that related to the historical use of the building, both as a school and, more recently, as a café. Artefacts included seeds (mainly peach), pencils, ink nibs, inkwells, pieces of chalk, pieces of paper, wood, paper clips and small fragments of glass.