Vic: Public Talk – The Archaeology of Bass Coast

Event Details

Andy Orr – Triskel Heritage

May 17-23 is National Archaeology Week and to celebrate the Wonthaggi Library is hosting Bass Coast’s very own archaeologist, Andy Orr as he presents an illustrated talk on some of the prominent archaeological sites in our region.

Originally from Ireland, Andy has extensive experience on archaeological projects across Europe and Australia. Having settled in the Bass Coast 10 years ago, Andy and his colleagues at Triskel Heritage now uncover the secrets of the past hidden in the archaeologically rich soils of Gippsland.

“We are lucky to be living in an area of such outstanding natural beauty. What may be less obvious to residents and visitors alike, is the fascinating cultural heritage that often lies buried below the surface. Archaeological evidence tells us that people have been living in this region for over 35,000 years. As someone lucky enough to have a job investigating the material remains of our past, I look forward to sharing some of the discoveries and the stories they have to tell.”

Andy will be at the library on May 22nd at 10.30 am. You can make a booking by visiting the libraries events page at