Vic: Geomorphology of the Victorian Volcanic Plains

Event Details

Workshop: Friday 15th May to Sunday 17th May

Presented by Assoc. Prof. Bernie Joyce, University of Melbourne

The Victorian Chapter of the Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists Inc. (AACAI) is hosting a one-day professional development workshop for archaeologists and cultural heritage advisors.

The workshop will be presented by Bernie Joyce, Honorary Principal Fellow and Associate Professor in the School of Earth Sciences at the University of Melbourne. Assoc. Prof. Joyce has worked in the Newer Volcanic Province of Victoria and South Australia for more than 50 years, investigating the role of volcanoes in the formation of the Earth’s surface.

Understanding the volcanic plains of Victoria can provide unique insights into the archaeology found within the plains’ boundaries. During the workshop, participants will visit some of the Melbourne region’s iconic volcanic landscapes. Key learning outcomes include:

  • How old is this landscape? The use and value of dating techniques.
  • Formation and nature of the soil profile of the basalt plains, and the role of weathering processes.
  • Development of the stream and swamp network following drainage disruption by basalt flows.
  • Aboriginal land-use and landscape interaction.


One-day workshop held on the three consecutive days of 15 May 2015 (Friday), 16 May 2015 (Saturday), 17 May 2015 (Sunday). 8.30am-5.30pm.

Cost – inclusive of background material, transport and lunch: 

$200.00 for AACAI members

$350.00 for non-members


Meeting at Footscray Station. Please be at Footscray Station by 8.15 for a sharp 8.30 departure.

Bookings and payment:

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Karen Kapteinis  –