SA: Kimberley Visions: Rock Art Dynamics of Northern Australia

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Speaker, Peter Veth, UWA Centre for Rock Art Research + Management.

Kimberley Visions is a five year landmark study mapping the rock art and occupational history of the Northern Kimberley. It will examine shared art styles across northern Australia and look at questions of regionalism and identity. Did similar styles occur between the Kimberley and Arnhem Land? What are our current understandings about shared traditions and why might they have changed through time? Advances in regional mapping, style analyses, dating and occupational histories from excavations will be profiled in this lecture.

The rock art of the Kimberley is renowned for the insights it offers into the deep history of Aboriginal social practice. The art often depicts people, their belief systems and environments in great detail with elaborate compositions, depictions of personal ornaments and scenes of group dynamism providing windows into millennia of cultural practices. Rock art as living tradition is realised through a research collaboration with Balanggarra Aboriginal Corporation and their Healthy Country Plan.

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