SA: From Banksy to Barunga: Graffiti as Modern Material Culture

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Contemporary graffiti might not be the first thing that springs to mind when one thinks of archaeology (which is, by literal definition, the study of ancient things). However, in the past forty years there has been a growing number of archaeologists who have shifted their focus from the deep past to the recent past, who use the material record to provide insight into present human experiences, practices and behaviours. In this seminar, Jordan Ralph will take us on a global tour of contemporary graffiti, while considering its value to archaeological research, before discussing the results of his study of Aboriginal graffiti in the Northern Territory.

About the presenter
Jordan is a PhD candidate with the Department of Archaeology at Flinders University. He also works as a heritage consultant and serves on the council of the World Archaeological Congress and the committee of the SA Chapter of the Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists Inc.

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