NSW: Tour of the Museum of Ancient Cultures

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Take a free guided tour of the Museum of Ancient Cultures, the archaeological museum at Macquarie University.  The Museum of Ancient Cultures was originally founded in 1974 as the Ancient History Teaching Collection. In 1994, following the completion of a tailor-made space for the Ancient History Teaching Collection, its name was changed to the Museum of Ancient Cultures.

The development of an archaeological collection, especially of inscriptional material, was seen as an excellent adjunct to the study of Ancient History from a source-based approach. It was also the view of the founding scholars that a collection of archaeological material that represented the every-day life of past cultures would be a very useful way to explore the arts, crafts, technology and design of ancient peoples as it reflected changes to their social, economic, political and religious development.,

When: Monday 21 May 2018, 1pm

Where: Museum of Ancient Cultures, Level 3, Building X5B, 29 Wally’s Walk, Macquarie University