NSW: The Sherds of Thomas Ball, Convict Potter, c.1804-1823

Event Details

The exhibition includes a number of fragmented pottery objects made by the convict potter, Thomas Ball, at his workshop in Brickfield Hill, Sydney. Most of the pieces in the exhibition come from an excavation carried out by Casey and Lowe at 710-722 George Street, Haymarket, in Sydney.

Thomas Ball, a trained Staffordshire potter, was found guilty of Highway robbery in 1797, and transported to Australia, where around 1801 he set up a pottery and produced a variety of simple hand-painted decorated dishes, bowls, pans, chamber pots, cups and saucers etc., most of which were utilitarian vessels for everyday use in homes in Sydney and Parramatta.

The exhibition will run until the end of May 2015.  For the Museum’s opening hours, please contact Kerry and Geoff Ford on 02 6036 3464.