NSW: Sydney Historical Archaeology Practitioners’ Workshop

Event Details

The Sydney Historical Archaeology Practitioners’ (SHAP) Workshop, proudly organised by Extent Heritage, will be taking place once again this year during National Archaeology Week 2018.

In this one-day workshop, historical archaeologists, students and anyone interested in the discipline will come together to share ideas, recent projects, technology and developments for historical archaeology in NSW.

The theme of this year’s Workshop is: The Role of Archaeology in Heritage Conservation.

Effective heritage conservation is crucial for the preservation, understanding and interpretation of the past. A number of recent developments across Australian major urban hubs and their surrounds resulted in the discovery of important and rare archaeological sites and artefacts that are able to provide a wealth of information. However, not all sites can be retained and not all of the artefacts can be displayed. This year’s SHAP is the opportunity for the industry practitioners to present the most recent archaeological discoveries and the ways they have been conserved. This gathering can also be an initiation for greater participation and presentation of Australian historical archaeology at the next ICOMOS GA and Scientific Symposium that will be hosted by Sydney in 2020.

Proposals for papers and sessions are invited – please submit to admin@extent.com.au by Monday 2 April 2018.  See the Call for Papers below for details.

2018 SHAP call for papers

Workshop details to come!

Time and Date: 9am to 4.30pm, Friday 18 May 2018

Location: The Big Dig Archaeology Education Centre, 110 Cumberland Street, Sydney NSW

Cost (includes food): $33 (students), $66 (ASHA/AAA/AACAI/ICOMOS members), $88 (general entry)

Bookings: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/sydney-historical-archaeology-practitioners-workshop-shap-tickets-44537402570