NSW: Sieving in Sydney

Event Details

AACAI NSW & ACT are pleased to present two speakers, Oliver Brown and Jillian Comber, to promote discussion on the methodologies used by consulting archaeologists when sieving.  After a brief presentation (10-15 minutes each) a discussion of current practice and preferences will be held and guests are encouraged to discuss the issues over wine and some cheese.

Oliver Brown:  Wet or dry sieving through 3mm or 5mm mesh: Are we in the right place and how did we get here?

Jillian Comber:  Amphibious advantage: Reticulated wet sieving in NSW archaeological consulting.

Date: 6-8pm, Wednesday 18 May 2016

Venue: The Big Dig Centre, 110 Cumberland Street, Sydney

Cost: Free (members and students), $10 (non-members)

RSVP: 11 May 2016 to diana.cowie@gmail.com