NSW: Short Talks at the Newcastle Museum

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From Bulgaria to the Black Sea, and back home to the Hunter: the Newcastle Museum presents three snapshots of current projects overseas and in Australia.  Drop in for one, or stay for all three!

Apollonia Pontica – Alex Byrne (10.30am)

This talk will describe the spectacular finds of an archaeological site on the island of St Kirik in the town of Sozopol, Bulgaria, which was first settled by ancient Greek colonists from Miletus and became an important trade centre between Thrace and ancient Greece. The site was a sacred place for the Greeks and was famous as the location of the colossal statue of Apollo made by the sculptor Calamis. It later became the location of a Christian basilica following the conversion of the town to Christianity in the fourth century CE.

Secrets of the Black Sea – Dragomir Garbov (11 am)

Dive into the Black Sea Abyss and discover a prehistoric landscape littered with ancient shipwrecks. Follow the researchers of the Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project (Black Sea MAP) and experience the thrill of the biggest maritime archaeology expedition in Human History, as more than 60 preserved sailing ships emerge from the anoxic darkness to tell the marvellous story of mankind’s endeavours at sea.

Archaeology in the Age of Technology – Tessa Boer-Mah (11.45am)

When most people think of archaeology they think of trowels and brushes, while this is true in some cases, there are many more technological tools which can be used for investigating archaeology. This talk will cover some of the interesting applications of virtual reality, 3D recording and other technologies used for state of the art archaeological recording and will include examples from the Newcastle and Hunter region.

Time and date: 10.30am – 12.30pm, Sunday 20 May 2018

Location: Newcastle Museum, 6 Workshop Way, Newcastle NSW

For more information: www.newcastlemuseum.com.au

Ottoman wreck in the Black Sea