NSW: Knapping Demonstration

Event Details

Presenter: Dr Mark Moore

Knapping is the process of flaking stone into tools, an art that has been practiced by our ancestors for the 2.5 million years (at least). Dr Moore taught himself to knap as a teenager, and since then has become highly skilled at the art, and specialises in traditional North American knapping styles as well as the tools of the diminutive Homo floresiesis (aka the ‘Hobbit’) of Indonesia.

The demonstration will be followed by a barbecue.

As this is an outdoor event, attendees are advised to wear appropriate sun protection.

Date: 3.00pm, Thursday 21 May 2015

Venue: The Knapping Pit, near the Earth Sciences Building, University of New England

Flaked stone artefact
Flaked stone artefact
Knapping in progress