Syria: Ancient History – Modern Conflict explores three decades of fieldwork conducted by The University of Melbourne in Syria within the context of the current conflict and destruction. The exhibition more broadly considers how objects that have been lost, stolen or destroyed nevertheless remain part of collections and are the subject of ongoing research. The University […]

Presented as part of the National Trust Australian Heritage Festival. The Old Melbourne Gaol closed in 1924 and all but one cell block was converted for modern use. Join our friendly tour guides for a guided tour to discover the ‘forgotten stories’ from the former justice precinct. Visitors will be guided through the existing cell […]

Not As The Songs of Other Lands explores the political, economic and cultural aspirations revealed by artistic representations of the land in Australian and American art during the nineteenth century. By comparing and contrasting Australian and American approaches, Not As The Songs of Other Lands references notions of the sublime and tensions between rural and urban landscapes […]

Join the La Trobe Experimental Archaeology Group for a special National Archaeology Week 2017 workshop, which will include various cooking and stone-knapping experiments to replicate and understand ancient ways of life, as well as a BBQ lunch. Date: 9am – 5pm, Monday 15 May, 2017 Venue: Ironbark Hut at the La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary, La […]

Presented as part of the National Trust Australian Heritage Festival. Guided tours of the Flagstaff Gardens and the Royal Historical Society of Victoria (RHSV) will commence from the RHSV at 11am and 2pm on Mondays. Visitors will climb Flagstaff Hill to consider its place in Melbourne’s topography and pre-European history as well as its early […]

A workshop presented by the La Trobe Archaeological Society. This workshop is designed to introduce archaeology to a general audience. We will examine what archaeology is, what archaeologists do, and what kind of things archaeologists find during their work. The workshop will consist of an hour of discussion and questions, followed by an hour of practical and […]

Join David B. Jones for a tour of the Map Collection in conjunction with the exhibition, Plotting the Island: dreams, discovery and disaster. This exhibition navigates real and imagined voyages in the exploration of Australia. While Indigenous inhabitants had a deep connection to this island, in the Western mind it was shrouded in mystery and […]

Monash University’s Centre for Ancient Cultures and Melbourne Museum is presenting a special public lecture as part of National Archaeology Week 2017, ‘Unpacking the collections: Mummies in the museum.’ More details to follow soon. Date: 1-2pm, Thursday 18 May 2017 Venue: Discovery Centre Seminar Room, Melbourne Museum, Melbourne Contact: Jessie Birkett-Rees

As part of La Trobe University’s 50th Anniversary celebrations, all are invited to ‘Looking back, looking forward for La Trobe Archaeology.’ This day-long event will bring together students, staff, alumni and others over four sessions to connect past and present members, showcase La Trobe Archaeology’s research and capabilities, and build pathways for future work opportunities […]